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Woodland 5 On the day entries available.

The first race was a huge success (full results here) and we have plenty of spaces for the next two events.

The dates  are:  26th June and  31st July.

entry form here (pdf or doc)

Blackwater valley run


Every other year we run the full length of the Blackwater River from its source near Aldershot to its confluence with the river Loddon. This is approximately 24 miles long. Don’t worry we do it in small stages of 3-4 miles each and are ably supported by a minibus. This enables everyone to regroup regularly and for those who would like to rest to have a ride on the minibus to the next meeting point. We stop for a leisurely lunch at the Coleford bridges Watersports Centre and are typically joined by the runners families for lunch. This is a great social run with no pressure on running fast so everyone can take their time and enjoy the run.

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