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Woodland 5 On the day entries available.

The first race was a huge success (full results here) and we have plenty of spaces for the next two events.

The dates  are:  26th June and  31st July.

entry form here (pdf or doc)


Everyone has to start running somewhere and finding good advice can be a challenge so how do you go about getting started? Here are a few tips:

Why start running?

Simply because its an easy access sport with very little money required to get started, although we do advise you invest in a pair of running shoes (and ladies a decent support bra if needed).  You can fit it in around your life and vary the amount you run and speed or distance to keep it interesting. Here are a few more reasons to run.

  • Running is the quickest and most efficient means of weight loss.
  • Running reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Running lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Running enhances your immune system.
  • Running helps keep your intestinal tract in good working order.
  • Running enhances your respiratory system.
  • Running gives you energy and reduces stress.
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