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Woodland 5 On the day entries available.

The first race was a huge success (full results here) and we have plenty of spaces for the next two events.

The dates  are:  26th June and  31st July.

entry form here (pdf or doc)

Camping at Cannock Chase


Im 85 years old now and the memory is fading a bit and I thought I should recount the yarn of how the 2010 Finchcoasters went camping one July.

It all started with Louise Mander deciding to join a friend for a 10K run up at Cannock Chase. She, being a chatty sort of lady, well chatted, and several others thought they would give it ago. So all booked up and off they all went in separate cars. 7 of them.

Mind you, one family so enjoy the buzz of actually setting off on holiday, that that Friday they did it THREE times! I cant say who it was but Isabel said Mum forgot her wooly PJ’s and Oli said actually Dad forgot his shorts and shoes!


Well, the Surplice’s arrived first, and surveying the area chose a nice big bit that looked flat and OK. Hmmm, well as I remember it, that bit was OK, but when we came to pitch the tent and put the pegs in, they all bent. Yep they chose a rocky place (and had forgotten the rock pegs).

Well after the exertion a glass of wine was called for.

Next were Fin and Lotti on their super bikes. Mum and Dad wanted a cosy time so brought a teeny tent. And after that exertion a glass of wine was called for.

In quick succession, Sam brought Paul and Sara along, then the Elliots (just how do you put a tent up then?) and Pete (oh dear, despite being reminded, he again for the second year forgot a seat, but brought a kettle). And after those exertions a glass of wine was called for.

The Twins Abigail & Natalie arrived next. They look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, just what any mum would want. But looks can be deceiving. These two spent 2 days giving us lessons in “how to annoy your twin sister and get away with it”, and of course painting and making dad run (the hard way with them on his shoulders). After they had helped Shane and Claire put the tent up (!) another glass of wine was called for.

And as we all know runners are super serious about pre race preparation, especially carbo loading. And as we all agree, wine has lots of carbs (just look at Andy S’s bump  for proof. So they got down to a very social carbo red wine till about 2am (there is photographic evidence somewhere). Andy Y had an excuse as he wasn’t running...not the others, but it all blurred into a hazy cheery mist

Only to be rudely brought back to reality at about 0530 the next morning, when the bright sunshine had woken all the kids up on the camp site, and they were taking sleepy dads for walkies. You could hear it, Thump Thump Thump banging in your head. Good job the race wasn’t till about 1pm. Some spent all morning in bed trying to recuperate (and worse, but my memory goes fady on that point, thankfully)

The event was brilliantly organised with lots of fun things for the kids to do, including making mum and dad walk round the field with wobbly legs. Finn even made his Mum run with him.

A cooked breakfast for those who could eat, and then the race started. I can honestly say it was the first time ever that I have raced with a hangover. It was unknown territory, but we all survived it and swore we would never carbo (red wine) again...till next time. Actually all our times were very respectable considering!

Hay, I also remember that the camp was co-located with mountain bike trails and a Go Ape. Mr Yarrow, formerly of running fame, but latterly of biking, took us all for a little ride. For some this was challenging, and required a few stops. For others, it involved a tumble in a stream at an easy bridge . Who was this person? Perhaps Sam will tell?? This year no mosquitoes to bite us.

Well what were the kids up to? Sam spent time with his parents, cuddling, tickling, rolling and getting very excited. Oliver, well he was a model of good behaviour (see what a year can do) and the twins? ****

It always brings a feeling of admiration when you see parents take it all in their stride and NOT get stressed. 10/10 to Claire and Shane for this...but it did keep us amused.

Julie got all broody and spent ages looking after Isabel, who has learned the art of getting a “carry” and how to control an adult. Sam though needs some lessons in undoing knots. Sara pegged his lead to the ground, and he proceeded to wind around all the guy ropes until he could go no further.

Lesson learned, there was NO drinking of alcohol that night. We were well prepared for our triumphs in the team race. Josh and Phil as practiced teenagers, didn’t want to run, but sample the Go Ape course. Only problem was an adult has to go as well. Mum, booked it hoping Andy Y would want to go round. Unfortunately he was busy, and Julie had to go, and go last at that. She enjoyed it really for a first time.

In the relay race you do as many laps as poss in 6 hrs. The 4 person team of Carol, Andy E, Shane, and Paul did 12 laps in 6hr 2min 51 sec, and WON!!

The 6 person team, Claire F, Claire E, Louise, Pete, Sarah & Andy S managed 11 laps in 6 hr 37min 34 sec and came second!

Rumour has it someone, did a 26 min lap when the fastest anyone else managed was 29 min. A careful study of the surveillance pictures revealed a slight short cut being taken. He had an excuse for this of course (and we all know he always gets lost with confidence), something about walkers removing course markers!



The kids were demonstrating their artistic talents in the painting tent, encouraged by Josh. (DCS185) Where didn’t the paint get..and isn’t it strange how parents take photos of this to encourage it more? Julie? Well she was cuddling Isabel. Well she did want a little girl and had 4 boys instead.

We won prizes. Well actually No, the 6 person team got given them by mistake and had to hand them back (sob).

For Josh, the highlight of the holiday was training that multi talented Sam bike tricks. Actually, jumping over a bike to order

The most went home on Sunday evening. A gallant few remained to make up the card school in the dark and (almost) deserted field. Sam, added a new talent to his repertoire, that of guard dog. While playing cards, some of our comments were repeated by some “oiks” wandering near our tent. Sam did that lovely menacing growl and bark that sent them running “quick theyve got dogs” to the sound of running feet.

It (of course) rained over night and in the morning, so when we eventually got home we went for a curry!

Next year? Well, Pete promises to remember his chair, Andy to drink water not wine and Sam not to bark at Andy E. Oh and of course our gallant Chairman promises not to fall off his bike.

So next year wouldn’t it be good if we could have a team in each event, 10K, then endure of 1,2,4,and 6??

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