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20 Questions by Simon Crute

1: How long have you been a coaster?

About 2 years now.


2: Last book you read?

Quantum. If you exclude Wainwrights pictorial guides,&  other walking books


3: What would be your superpower?

Time travel.


4: Favourite car?

Practical car, or dream car ? Practical car, that I could go out  tomorrow & buy if I had 10-15 grand would probably be an s-max. Dream car ? Maybe a Nissan Skyline, something with enough tech to stop an  idiot like be driving it off the road. An in built rocket launcher,  like the Green Hornet's would be useful too.


5: Favourite other sport?

Sport ? Nah, I don't do sports. Far too much like hard work. Running isn't sport it is ? Fell walking would be right up there as sport-like-activity-that-isn't-sport.


6: If your house was on fire, what one item would you take?

Probably the external hard disk I still haven't got an offsite backup  of yet.


7: All-time favourite race?

The keswick half marathon was a good one. Hopeless time, but great fun.

First random track on the mp3 player was "Run to the hills" by Iron Maiden. Fluke or what.


8: Most regretted purchase?

Civilization5. Hopeless compared to Civ4.


9: Favourite local team? Local to where I was born ?

Sunderland AFC.


10: How long have you been running?

About 10 years. It started as an excuse to get out of the house when  daughter #1 was born....


11: Favourite colour?

I tell the Kids "Green" when they ask me. Far too simple a question to give a consistent answer to really.


12: Favourite food?

Pizza at home. Curry when out.


13: Fellow Coaster most likely to get a PB this year?

Chris Aitkin.


14: Do you have a party trick?

Kids party ? Angry Donald duck impressions.


15: If you could be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?


Listen in on the one to one summit meetings. Are they really  discussing sensible things in a sensible way, or are they really all a bunch of fools.


16: Favourite movie?

Lord of the Rings.


17: Top training trip?

Get gait analysis done if you have any lower limb discomfort at all when running.


18: Running ambition over the next 12 months?

Get up to marathon distance.


19: Best country visited?

America. But then I've not visited many.


20: Finally, sum yourself up in 3 words?

er, quiet, opinionated, friendly.


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